How to perfectly read your trading chart

The Forex market is very difficult to understand. The chart in the Forex market helps traders to discover what is happening in the market, and also tell them if they can trade the market or not. These charts are not simply charts with some lines on them, there are many patterns that represent the different market conditions. However, due to the recent advancement in technology we have many different kinds of trading charts, and the candlestick chart tends to be the most popular among professional traders in the financial industry. Though there are many ways of interpreting the trading chart and to find the best possible trade setups, we will give some precise information which will help you understand the currency market chart much better.

Reading a Forex chart

Reading the forex chart is nothing but monitoring the price movement of certain assets. Novice traders tend to stick to their trading chart 24 hours a day, but this is insane. In order to make money consistently, you need to focus on a specific trading routine. Try to develop a solid trading routine and learn the basics of the forex market. Your basic foundation in the financial sector will determine how much time you will need to master the art of trading.

Know the basics: First of all, know the basics of the Forex market.  There are many brokers in the market, and they offer different types of charts to the traders. Their trading platform also varies. You need to know the basic information of the market before you can start reading charts. To be precise, in order to understand your trading chart, you need to understand your trading platform first.There are some novice traders who don’t even know about the advanced order type, like limit or pending orders in forex. Reading the chart is just like understanding your trading platform. Make sure that you know all the details of the trading platform so that you can perfectly analyze the market in your trading chart.

Choose your currency pair and select a timeframe

After you have know the basics of Forex markets and the different types of charts, select your currency pair to trade the market. It is better if you select a major currency pair. They offer the best market movement in Forex. Also, you will get help if you do not understand anything of your pair. After selecting your currency pair, choose a timeframe. The timeframe of Forex is divided into many categories. For this reason, the expert traders at junomarkets suggest that new traders find their preferred trading time frame based on their trading personality. If you love fast paced movement in the currency market then you should trade the smaller time frame.

Analysis of different chart structures: You can now analyze the different chart structures of the Forex market. There are many types of chart in Forex. If you think you can understand this chart better than the other charts, conduct analysis with this chart that you understand the best.

Try to interpret the market: After analyzing the different chart structures, try to interpret the market. If your analysis is telling the market price level will go up, but it is going down, you need to check your charts again. When you can perfectly interpret the movement of the market by analyzing your charts, you are ready to interpret the market with the help of your charts.

Conclusion: Forex charts tell traders what is going on in the market. If you want, you can use some patterns in your chart which can give you more information about the market if you need. Perfect interpretation of your chart is the step of successful trading in Forex. Try to learn all the details of your trading platform, as it will help you in your chart analysis.