The best online tools for CFD trading

The best online tools for CFD trading

CMC Markets offers a wide range of CFD trading tools. Whether you want to be alerted when a specific price point is reached, monitor the latest news releases from your chosen market or get a detailed overview of how different instruments are performing, then their web-based platform has what you need.

Trading View Add-on

The Trading View Add-on offers a seamless browsing experience. Users can trade directly from the platform, analyze different assets in real-time, explore data with built-in indicators or watch other traders’ activity. Their integrated chat lets users communicate with others on the same platform, whether working remotely or collaborating with their team at an office.


For those who prefer to take advantage of mobile trading, The Trading View App allows Android and iOS smartphone users to place trades anytime, anywhere. They also have a great tutorial section where new members can learn how to use their software.

MT4 MultiTerminal

MT4 MultiTerminal is one of the most advanced MetaTrader platforms available today. It’s because it’s more than just a trading platform as it also offers news, charts and technical analysis tools. It has one of the largest selections of built-in indicators along with more than 100 analytical objects such as Fibonacci lines, Gann fan, stochastic, MACD and many more.


Traders can also create their technical indicators by using the MQL programming language, which is similar to C++ and Java. The software lets them use open source code for free. They can hire a programmer to develop an indicator, making MT4 MultiTerminal flexible and customizable based on each user’s needs.

Saxo Bank

Saxo Bank’s platform offers a user-friendly interface where traders can access real-time data, news and fundamental research reports. It comes free of charge with no minimum account balance requirement, perfect for those just starting in the industry or anyone who prefers to limit their trading budgets because it doesn’t require them to risk more than they want to.

MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader 4 (DT4) is a compelling application for desktop traders. It gives users access to real-time quotes streaming charts, including indicators and other technical tools usually only found on trading platforms. Users can monitor hundreds of assets at once or take advantage of the program’s built-in scanner, which helps them find new investment opportunities. DT4 is also suitable for those who trade multiple accounts because it allows them to monitor different assets simultaneously while also giving them access to advanced charting capabilities such as zooming, scrolling and navigational buttons.

Pure Trading

Pure trading is designed with mobile devices in mind -from iPhones to Android phones to iPads- so it’s easy to place trades anytime from anywhere around the world. The mobile platform comes with all the features you need when you want to monitor the financial markets on the go, including real-time quotes, built-in charting capabilities and technical indicators.


It also has a desktop version for users who prefer to monitor the market while at their computer or workstation.

Trade Interceptor’s Chart Analysis

Trade Interceptor’s Chart Analysis tool offers an easy way to understand what assets are doing at any given time. It displays one of three colours in its window according to whether an asset is trending up, down or remaining stagnant -so traders can quickly get a feel for how it’s doing even if they are not monitoring it all day long.


They can also get alerts when assets hit specific price points, making it possible for them to take advantage of trading opportunities that may arise without having to watch the market constantly.


3commas is a free trading platform that makes it easy for users to manage multiple accounts and trade quickly. It has a user-friendly interface designed for novice traders who may have limited knowledge of the financial markets yet still need something powerful enough to meet their expectations.


3commas has an automatic execution feature that lets traders place instant orders without having to wait for exchanges to respond -making it perfect for those who need tight control over when they want to make trades. They also have built-in reminders that help them stay on top of important deadlines such as expirations, dividends and corporate actions so they won’t miss out on anything that can affect their investment decisions.